Marina Aarts's activities consist of valuations, market and curatorial advises, research, writing and lecturing.


Condition of paintings and works of art is a vital element in today’s market. Marina Aarts will be happy to advise you on anything in relation to a proper conservation and management of your old masters. If necessary, she will initiate and supervise conservation and restoration campaigns, to ensure the value of your work in the future.

The ownership of works of art may give enormous satisfaction and enhance the quality of life. Yet, the buying process can be stressful and lead to questions as : is the price right? How does the work fit into my collection? How is its condition ? Has the work been restored ? Is my purchase a justified investment ? Advise and coaching of such an often emotional process is therefore no luxury. Marina Aarts will professionally comment on all aspects of the work and its market as to ensure your enduring satisfaction with your purchase.

When selling a work of art other issues are at stake. What is the current market value of my painting ? Have similar works recently been sold ? Where should I sell my work ? What preparatory work must been done before bringing the work to the market? Marina Aarts will discuss all these aspects of the selling process with you and will also porpose a sound sale strategy.


As certified valuer of paintings and drawings from the 17th – 20th century Marina Aarts may perform valuations for insurance purposes, for probate, for family division and for private sales. Paintings and works of art are normally not covered in a contents insurance, but only on the basis of replacement values confirmed in a valuation report drafted by an expert, such as the law requires. In the Netherlands this is art. 7:960 BW ( Burgerlijk Wetboek).

Marina Aarts is member of the Federatie van Taxateurs, Makelaars en Veilinghouders in roerende goederen in Amsterdam, for which see


Too often little is know about a work of art, as in the passing of one generation to the other crucial information was lost. Marina Aarts may retrace some of this crucial history by research in institutes such as the RKD, The Hague, digital databases and others; and by contacting experts around the globe with which she maintains contacts.


Marina Aarts is an engaging speaker on topics such as trends in the art market, varying tastes, new developments in art historical research and others. New to her services are courses at home for a selected group of collectors and lovers of old masters.

Her native tongue is Dutch, but also masters English, French, German and Italian.


Marina Aarts is also certified broker in paintings from the 17th – 20th century and as such may act as agent in the purchase or the sale of a work of art. She holds a strong reputation of integrity in her field and maintains a large international network through personal contacts with collectors and museum institutions, colleagues, experts and others,