Marina Aarts gives valuations and market advice for buyers and sellers; she also advises on the conservation, collection management and development.
All her advice is based on thoroughly researched expertise. For she believes that you cannot value a work of art, and give clients the advice they require, unless you have established its authenticity, placed it in the overall context of the artist’s oeuvre, found out how it was appreciated in the past, and traced its exact provenance.



Valuations may be required for insurance purposes, following someone's death, if an inheritance has to be divided, or if a damage claim is made. In each of these cases a binding value will have to be established, in accordance with Article 275 of the Civil Code.
As a certified valuer of paintings from the 17th-20th centuries Marina is a member of the Amsterdam Federation of Valuers, Brokers and Auctioneers in Movable Goods (Federatie TMV). For a definition of the various principles used by valuers, see the Federation's own website: 'Federatie TMV'.


Conservation and management

Proper conservation and management are essential for the long-term preservation of works of art. This also ensures that they keep their value.
In consultation with you, Marina Aarts can draw up a conservation and management plan which carefully takes into account the condition of your collection; she will advise you on conservation. This is important if you want to make sure your collection retains its value.


Acquiring a work of art is one of life's great pleasures. It is a deliberate choice to enrich your life with a unique and timeless object. Moreover, high-quality works of art are considered a good investment. Nevertheless many people feel unsure when it comes to buying art. The relationship between price and quality can be confusing to the outsider. In such circumstances it may be useful to seek advice. Important questions to bear in mind are:

Marina Aarts will go over these questions with you, and help you make a well-balanced decision if you wish to buy something.


Like buying, selling a work of art can give rise to all kinds of dilemmas:

Marina will carefully consider these questions and help you find the most profitable selling strategy.


From time to time Marina acts as a broker. She is a member of Federation of Valuers, Brokers and Auctioneers in Movable Goods (Federatie TMV). As a broker she negotiates the direct sale of a work by private agreement. Marina Aarts has many personal contacts with collectors, and is familiar with their tastes and preferences, essential for conducting successful negotiations.


Marina Aarts is frequently invited to speak on a range of subjects to do with the art market. She offers insights into the way the market creates prices, and identifies trends of the moment.

Appraisal/ Reports

Paintings will regularly be passed from one generation to the next without anyone realising their authorship. Marina Aarts helps you find the information you need and will record this in a report. If required, she can undertake further research, using various archives, and her network of Dutch and foreign experts.


Marina Aarts charges you in one of three ways, depending on what service you require:

  1. An hourly rate, for drawing up a valuation report.
  2. An agreed fixed rate, for providing advice during the final stages of buying or selling a work of art.
  3. A commission for negotiating a purchase or sale.